I’m not going to tell you that I love words and can spot a comma splice at fifty paces, because that wouldn’t really set me apart from all the other editors out there and explain why you should hire me.

This is why you should hire me

Track record

I have extensive experience of working on trade non-fiction, especially practical titles in the areas of architecture, art and craft, fashion and cookery, though I will tackle most subjects intended for a general readership. I also have a background in educational publishing, producing educational resources for students and teachers, and editing textbooks for vocational qualifications. As well as books, I regularly proofread several airline magazines, with a readership of hundreds of thousands per month.

I divide my time between project management, copy-editing, proofreading and other editorial tasks such as anglicising. I work in Word and InDesign, and really enjoy untangling tricky problems and imposing a sense of order on things. However, I am always sympathetic to the needs of the client and the author.

Recent clients

Agency Fish, British Library, City & Guilds, Constable & Robinson, Kyle Books, Laurence King, Nourish, Orion, Parragon, Pearson, Penguin, Phaidon, Publishers Association, PushMe Press, Quarto Group, RIBA, SfEP